Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

The most I do during my birthday 14-07-2010

The most I do during my birthday 14-07-2010
Watching tv till 3am at 14/07/10
Before sleep, Light up the candle and pray
Make a wish then blow up the candle; I mean the fire
Sleep at 4am
Wake up at 10am
Check my phone for bithday message; I have 0 message 2 message from clossets friend thx...
Check my facebook account and replay the notification; I have 25 notification
Check my twitter account and read my mentions ; I have no new mentions today (for 33 followers)
Watching 500 days of summer and from paris with love on my laptop
Playing rubiks cube then Sleep
Wake up at 16,30 pm
Watching mr. bean on tv
Take a bath
Write this article
Drawing on my sketch book till 9pm
Watching I am legend on tv
Watching tv until 2am
Pray and sleep
And my world running like ussually again
Wish u luck
Happy birthday JACOB

Senin, 12 Juli 2010

nederlands lose??

im sick and getting mad
angry and so f@#$ed up...


middle finger...


u still in my heart...